It’s a Wonderful Blog

I really love film. I mean, I REALLY love film. So much that I used all caps, italics, and bold to make that point. I recently graduated from a liberal arts institution and am trying to figure out my life. HA. I have also been told that I am pretty funny. Thus was born this blog as a means for me to rant and obsess about film (and hopefully amuse people).

But I hope this blog is more than just interesting or amusing. You see, I have always felt that good film teaches me something. That I experience it and in that way learn from it. Film changes my life. It could be an emotion, a relationship, a camera movement, the color, the comedic timing, a witty comeback, or even just a look. Film can be more than mere entertainment (not all of it is, and that is not necessarily a bad thing). And I will do my darnedest to make this blog more than mere entertainment. Film can create in us a profound moment. I wont claim to be able to do that. Frankly I don’t think I want that much responsibility. But if you love film and constantly scare people with the intensity of your “conversations,” ahem, more like rants about film, like I do, then this is the place for you.


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